NewTrix Dog Halter

The NewTrix dog halter is guaranteed to make walking your dog a comfortable experience. It is not a muzzle. It is a tool to make dog training and dog walking a simple, safe and fun experience for everyone.

Why does it work so well?
The NewTrix dog halter harnesses the natural balance reflex of your dog to stop him or her from pulling on the leash. Instead of hooking under the dog’s chin, twisting his neck, our ingenious “push-pulley” exerts a gentle pressure behind the dog’s head. Your dog automatically leans back into the pressure and stops pulling! Much as a seatbelt restrains you in your car, the NewTrix only restrains your dog when he struggles against it, relaxing when he stops.

Fits almost any dog with enough nose to wear it!

The NewTrix comes in 8 sizes from Nano to Giga. Developed with your dog’s absolute comfort in mind, lined with soft, durable fleece, sizes are flexible and adjust easily to fit most shapes, sizes and breeds – even your growing puppy. Use the following chart as a guideline to choose the right size for your dog.




Black, Red, Purple, Brown

NANO 3-5 kg (5-10 lb)
MICRO 5-7 kg (10-15 lb)
MINI 7-10 kg (12-22 lb)
SMALL 10-21 kg (22-45 lb)
MEDIUM 21-34 kg (45-75 lb)
LARGE 34-50 kg (75-110 lb)
MEGA 50-63 kg (110-140 lb)
GIGA 60-90 kg (140-200 lb)

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What about my growing puppy?

The NewTrix™ dog halter is fully adjustable to accommodate different breeds and growing dogs. A puppy may start in his adult-sized halter (or for large dogs, a size or two smaller), with shortened Chin Straps and Cheek Straps. These can be gradually lengthened as your puppy grows.
Dogs with wide and short snouts will need relatively shorter Cheek Straps and longer Chin Straps; dogs
with narrow, long snouts will need relatively longer Cheek Straps and shorter Chin Straps.

If you’ve already received your NewTrix and believe you’ve ordered the wrong size, not to worry. Let us know and we’ll exchange it for only the shipping costs.


$39.95 plus shipping, handling, and applicable taxes.

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Tips for a Happy, Obedient Walker

The NewTrix dog halter turns your leash into a communication tool. Let it speak to your dog and your dog will respond – without jerking or choking. The first challenge in using a head halter type training method is to overcome your dog’s natural reluctance to wearing a nosepiece. Dogs love to run free, so it’s only natural that your dog will try to paw the unfamiliar strap from his nose. The NewTrix head halter has been developed with the help of, and endorsed by, many top trainers. Here are some of their tips for a happy walker:

  • Before putting the NewTrix dog halter on your dog, rub it in your hands to give it your scent. With a food treat in your hand, lure him to put his nose through the loop to get the treat. Slip the neck loop over his ears while he is busy chewing. Remove the NewTrix, turn your back and ignore his efforts to get your attention. Place the NewTrix on once again and reward quiet behaviour with treats, touch and praise.
  • Interrupt any efforts to paw at the NewTrix. Distract your dog with a walk, treat or trick. Try to associate the NewTrix with fun, food and friendship. Never use fear or force to control your dog.
  • Make loose leash walking a game. The stop signal for both of you is any tug on the leash. When he stops, be sure to slacken the leash. Make him wait for you, and if he tries to lead, don’t budge. Make your first move forward only if the leash is loose. To make it more fun, be harder to predict by randomly changing speed and direction.
  • Never jerk the leash. Think of it like power brakes, and keep a light touch.
  • If your dog lies down and refuses to move, don’t pull on the leash to drag him along. Remember that the pressure from the leash is a signal to stop. Wait until he is ready. Entice him to come to you and praise him when he does.

Click here for instructions on fitting the NewTrix on your dog.


At NewTrix, we believe in safety first

Using your NewTrix head halter must be not only comfortable, but also a safe and fun experience for both you and your dog. 

  • Dogs with existing cervical vertebral neck disease should not use the NewTrix dog halter, or any collar and leash that may put strain on the neck.
  • Ensure that the safety clasp is always attached to your dog’s regular collar. The NewTrix dog halter can be left quite loose, but the safety clasp must be attached to ensure that your dog cannot get loose if the regular collar should slip.
  • Always ensure that the NewTrix dog halter allows sufficient room for your dog to open its mouth for breathing, panting, eating and drinking. Dogs must pant to release heat. If too tight, the NewTrix restrict panting, which could lead to dangerous overheating.
  • Be sure to carefully read our simple instructions Fitting NewTrix when first fitting and using the NewTrix dog halter.
  • Please take extra care in fitting Bulldogs or other dogs who have difficulty breathing and limited airways. Even without using the NewTrix, these dogs often experience breathing difficulties when exercising or under stress. If breathing difficulties increase, immediately discontinue use of the NewTrix dog halter.


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