History of Newtrix

Dr Robert Curran Hartford CT 2014The invention of the NewTrix dog halter began in 1996.

For Canadian veterinarian Dr. Robert Curran and his two tiny daughters, walking Nikki, the Miniature Poodle had become chaotic. Dr. Curran was determined to find a tool for Nikki that would train him to stop pulling on the leash. As a veterinarian, Dr. Curran was familiar with the various collars, training tools and methods available and he appreciated that the early head halters were a humane alternative to the choke chain, which was popular at the time.

After using what was available on the market, Dr. Curran saw that improvements could be made to the basic features of the early head halters. However, his main motivation for taking the concept back to the drawing board was simply that the early head halters, while more humane, were still prone to misuse.

The main innovation of the NewTrix design is the push-pulley mechanism. The leash fastens to the NewTrix dog halter behind the dog’s head where the science that works like magic takes place. Read more.

Dr. Curran’s first head halter, known as the Response collar, underwent a significant design evolution. After several years, and with the input from dog behaviorists, breeders, trainers, veterinarians, and most importantly, dogs and their owners the NewTrix easyway collar was ready for market in 2003. The name easyway collar was discontinued in 2009 and now Dr. Curran's invention is simply known as the NewTrix dog halter.



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