Don't Just Do Something - Stand There!

By Dr. Robert Curran, D.V.M., B.A.

The secret to training your dog with the NewTrix dog halter is to develop a light touch. Think of it as power brakes for your dog. Any tug you feel is a stop or halt signal. Hold your arms close to your body, flex your knees, and brace yourself to stop and your dog will also stop. As soon as he stops, release the tension on the leash by extending your arm. You must practice to overcome the habit of tugging and jerking the leash. Practice releasing the tension when you get the halt response.

If your dog is highly motivated to go forward, he may ignore the subtlety of the gentle nudge at the nape of his neck. Hold your ground. The leverage is still in your favor to make him stop. As soon as he stops, release the tension to reward the halt response by extending your arm. If he still wants to go forward, hold your ground and do nothing but flex your knees and brace yourself. The more he pulls, the tighter the figure eight will constrict around his snout and neck. As soon as he relaxes, the pressure is released. The NewTrix dog halter does all the training because it reflects your dog's effort right back on him. It works better if you do nothing but anchor yourself and get ready to reward the halt response with a slackening of the lead. In other words, "Don't just do something, stand there!"

Many people find it hard to get out of the habit of tugging on the leash, or walking with constant tension on the leash. But if you never use the NewTrix to pull your dog forward, it will remain a clear, consistent, intuitive message to halt. Train your dog to only walk forwards on your cue and with a loose leash and he will find the NewTrix dog halter comfortable. If your dog seems to still pull with his face while wearing the NewTrix, at least you have leverage to control him easily and you are not twisting his neck. You must not keep constant tension on the leash or pull your dog forward; or your dog will learn to ignore the balance reflex. The leash should always be loose except for momentarily when signaling "stop" or "slow down." To go forward, just lead the way and use your voice for encouragement.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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