Improving Quality of Life with NewTrix

Improving Quality of Life with NewTrix


“As the owner and operator of a Dog Training & Behavior company based in Asheville North Carolina, I have found the NewTrix to be an indispensable tool! 

It has for some of my clients, quite literally, been a game changer, allowing for improved quality of life for the owner as well as the dog, without using pain or discomfort. 

In fact, I have found that with a bit of positive conditioning many dogs readily acclimate to the NewTrix, even dogs that have otherwise had a difficult time with other brands of head halters.

I can genuinely say that in my experience over the years, the NewTrix Head Halter has been the best head halter I have used!

It is a quality product, which I would highly recommend!” 

Heather Polechio, CTC, CPDT-KA

FPPE, Licensed Educator 

MindfulMutz Training & Behavior Consulting 


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