Give a shelter dog a gift!

Give a shelter dog a gift!

Year round we are busy introducing the NewTrix dog halter into animal shelters across North America.  We know the tremendous benefit of our halter for shelter dogs and for shelter workers.

Millions of dogs are waiting to be adopted. In most cases a dog arrives at a shelter because of behaviour or training challenges. Happily, rehabilitation exists, and with the dedication of skilled trainers and volunteer dog walkers many shelter dogs receive schooling to improve their chances of adoption and adaptation to new homes.

Earlier this year we told you about a wonderful program called Ridge Dogs. This program brings inmates at a correctional facility together with dogs from a local shelter deemed unadoptable. Participating inmate-handlers are taught the essentials of dog training and paired up with a dog. After six to eight weeks of training and socialization the dogs are ready to be adopted. The program is a resounding success. We are happy to report that NewTrix Shelter gifts were sent last summer to the Ridge Dogs program and are now in use.

The NewTrix dog halter is a key piece of equipment for shelters. It eliminates pulling on the leash, allowing even the strongest dog to be walked and exercised.  There is no pain or fear associated with the NewTrix dog halter, it is pure science. The NewTrix dog halter is worn comfortably and loosely on the dog’s face. It works by triggering what is known as the opposition reflex. Unlike pressure on the front of a dog’s neck or chest, which causes a dog to lean into the pressure, the NewTrix dog halter applies pressure on the back of the dog’s neck and the dog leans back into it – instantly stopping the pulling. There is no strain on the handler; the NewTrix dog halter does its job each time the dog pulls or lunges. The NewTrix dog halter jump starts any behaviour modification regimen – the result being a more adoptable pet dog.

Unfortunately shelters cannot always afford NewTrix dog halters. That’s why we’ve manufactured orange NewTrix dog halters available for shelter-use-only. The colour helps reduce the loss of the equipment from the shelter. The response from trainers and shelters has been overwhelmingly positive.

Can you help? Yes, you can. Purchase a $20 NewTrix Shelter gift here and we will forward a NewTrix dog halter to a participating shelter.

We hope you will share this with your friends and colleagues. At this time of giving, please give a shelter dog a chance at a new life.


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