Take your time acclimating your dog to the NewTrix dog halter. Play training games with your dog and the halter: offer rewards when your dog voluntarily puts her snout through the loop; associate the NewTrix dog halter positively with fun, treats, and going for walks. 

The NewTrix dog halter works better looser than tighter so make sure it is adjusted loosely on your dog's face. This is the number one issue we see. Keep the cheek straps long and loose, the cheek straps should pucker slightly. 

Most dogs become tolerant of the NewTrix dog halter within a couple of training sessions or happy walks.

This video shows you how to acclimate your dog to wearing the NewTrix dog halter. Thanks to Tanya Dominguez, Community Veterinary Nurse & Pet Behavioural Trainer, RSPCA NSW.

RSPCA video


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