Size Chart

Janie_Ott_2_DogsDesigned by veterinarian, Dr. Robert Curran, the NewTrix dog halter stops dogs from pulling on the leash. Fully adjustable to fit almost any dog with enough nose to wear it the NewTrix comes in 8 sizes from Nano to Giga. Developed with your dog’s absolute comfort in mind, lined with soft, durable fleece, sizes are flexible and adjust easily to fit most shapes, sizes and breeds – even your growing puppy. Use the following chart as a guideline to choose the right size for your dog. All sizes are available in black, brown, red, or purple.


3-4 kg
(5-10 lb)
5-7 kg
(10-15 lb)
7-10 kg
(15-25 lb)
10-21 kg
(25-45 lb)
21-34 kg
(45-75 lb)
34-50 kg
(75-110 lb)
50-63 kg
(110-140 lb)
60-90 kg
(140-200 lb)

What about my growing puppy?

Not a problem. A puppy may start in his adult-sized halter (or for large dogs, a size or two smaller), by shortening the chin and cheek straps. These can be adjusted and gradually lengthened as your puppy grows.

If you’ve already received your NewTrix and believe you’ve ordered the wrong size, not to worry. Let us know and we will exchange it for only the shipping costs.


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