Leverage: A Mechanical Advantage

By Dr. Robert Curran, D.V.M., B.A.

Animals' bodies move with a sophisticated system of levers and pulleys. A muscle attached to one bone contracts to pull on a tendon that crosses a joint and attaches to another bone. Just like a seesaw, the further out from the center of gravity you apply your force; the more your efforts are multiplied. Dogs have the advantage of a low center of gravity. The further out from his trunk you attach a leash, the greater leverage you have over your dog. A leash attached to a harness around his trunk or even a collar around his neck makes it easier for your dog to pull you. Attach a leash to a head halter to make it harder for your dog to pull.

The NewTrix gives you the advantage of leverage to control your dog with ingenuity instead of strength.

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